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Abigail Connolly

I did my WSET level 2 when I was 18. Whilst my peers were focussed on what could get them as drunk as possible for as cheap as possible, I was learning the aging classifications of Rioja and the grapes of Bordeaux.

With that being said, I never wanted to join the family business. I wanted to be a chef. That is until I actually was a chef and then I had second thoughts. Going into the “sommelier” world mixed both my palate from my chef training and my penchant for dramatics (I am my father’s daughter after all).

I achieved my WSET level 3 in 2016, closely followed by my Certified Sommelier qualification. After 5 years working in fine dining, I decided for a change of pace and went into running wine bars, which paired almost perfectly with the opening of Arch 13 and my official induction into the family business.

Phoebe Belle Pearce

I started off in hospitality when I was 14 years old and I love the fact that every day and every job is different.

I worked mainly in cocktail bars and on the restaurant floor but I’ve always been interested in wine and have always wanted to learn more about it. After a small six month hiatus from the industry where I worked at Selfridges Wine Shop, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Arch 13 through mutual friends.

The rest, as they say, is history. I achieved my WSET Level 2 in 2019 and I look forward to studying further and learning everything I can from working at Arch 13 and with the Connollys.  

Niamh Moxon

I’ve worked in hospitality since I was 15 and each job has taught me new skills that I’ve taken and improved on with each career. But working at Arch 13 is by far the most challenging and most rewarding there is.

Learning about wine in depth has been incredibly interesting. I’m excited to see where this role can take me in life. As a recent graduate I’m attempting to battle the real world but with a glass of wine available it makes it much easier!

In the past few months working at Arch 13 I’ve learnt so much about cheese, meat and wine than I thought there was to know however I’m looking forward to expanding that knowledge with the help of Abigail.

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