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Abigail Connolly

I did my WSET level 2 when I was 18. Whilst my peers were focussed on what could get them as drunk as possible for as cheap as possible, I was learning the aging classifications of Rioja and the grapes of Bordeaux.

With that being said, I never wanted to join the family business. I wanted to be a chef. That is until I actually was a chef and then I had second thoughts. Going into the “sommelier” world mixed both my palate from my chef training and my penchant for dramatics (I am my father’s daughter after all).

I achieved my WSET level 3 in 2016, closely followed by my Certified Sommelier qualification. After 5 years working in fine dining, I decided for a change of pace and went into running wine bars, which paired almost perfectly with the opening of Arch 13 and my official induction into the family business.


I got into the industry after moving back to Birmingham from Bangor and started working my way up the ladder. Whilst working my way up I found a love for natural wine and have been really enjoying learning more about the natural wine scene.

Starting at Arch 13 in the middle of the pandemic was a challenge, but it’s great to be back open and being able to talk to people about what they’re drinking.

When I’m not at work, I spend my time cooking on coals and drinking beer by the river.

Favourite Wine: Respiro Clarette
Favourite Cheese: Shropshire Blue (The cheese that made me fall in love with blue)
Favourite Pairing: Rachel Goat’s Cheese and the Teliani No 8.

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