An Autumnal Cheese Board

By Sarah Sambrook

The hills are fading into red, gold and brown and crunchy leaves are starting to coat the pavements – autumn suddenly feels like it’s here. 

Autumn is my favourite time of year. Thick jumpers and cosy scarves are dusted off. Long, crisp walks in the country and ducking into pubs with roaring fires… what’s not to love!

You’ve probably gathered that we love any excuse to feast on a cheese board, and the darker nights are the perfect time to invite over friends, open a bottle of red and dig into something tasty.

Fancy whipping up your very own ‘gram worthy platter of deliciousness?
Keep reading for our top tips on creating the ultimate Autumn cheese Board…

The trees are laden with fruit, so why not scatter your board with apples, quinces and sloes for a pop of harvest-time colour.

If you’re creating a platter for a crowd, try to create some layers to make your feast look extra decadent. Use boards, stands and tall candle sticks to give things a bit of height, with plenty of fruit and accompaniments scattered around the edges.

They say variety is the spice of life, so contrast the smooth or oozing edges of your cheese with crisp crackers and crunchy nuts. Fruits, berries, grapes and a few dollops of shining honeycomb will add a hint of glossy sheen, making your feast particularly beautiful.

Just as important as the cheese itself. Pile your board high with biscuits, bread and deliciously sweet chutney. There’s nothing more satisfying than filling your plate with the extra treats.

The Cheese
I always aim for 100 grams of cheese per person (that way you’re bound to have a tiny bit left over for yourself the next day). Since the nights are drawing in, try cheeses which are earthy, spicy and perhaps a little smoky.

Tunworth is a must for us. A soft cheese with a thin, wrinkled rind and sweet flavour. At this time of year you can look forward to vegetal notes with a touch of earthy mushroom. If you’re feeling particularly decadent, bake it whole and dig in with lightly toasted sourdough.

Tunworth Cheese

Smoked Westcombe Cheddar will give you bonfire vibes, even if you’re hunkered down inside. Gently smoked over beech-wood in an old converted post box, it’s the ultimate autumnal cheese.

Smoked Westcombe

Sparkenhoe Red Leicester and it’s burnt orange hue is our favourite take on a classic Red Leicester. Fresh and nutty with a smooth creaminess, it’ll sit beautifully amongst your delicious accompaniments.

You can read more about Sparkenhoe here


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