King Stone Dairy: Gloucestershire Goodness

It’s round three of our Producer Spotlight, and this month we’re focusing on a juggernaut in modern British cheesemaking: King Stone Dairy.

Tucked away in the glorious Gloucestershire Cotswolds lies Manor Farm, home of King Stone Dairy and cheesemaker extraordinaire David Jowett.

After several years learning from some of the very best cheesemakers in the UK (and a stint in the Vermont too), in 2015 David settled at Manor Farm to use their beautiful single herd, organic milk to craft his very own cheeses. Taking influence from some of the most eminent Alpine cheeses, you’ll recognise the styles of David’s cheese, even if you don’t recognise the names.


One of our favourite cheeses. Rollright graces our cheese fridge more than often and chances are, you may have even tried it in the bar before.

Rollright is washed in brine and banded in a spruce bark, this not only keeps the whole cheese together but also adds a woody and piney note to the rind whilst the cheese itself has savoury peanut and note.

Whilst the flavour is incredible, the most incredible thing about Rollright is it’s texture. Its rich and spoonable, luxurious and unctuous. Just a sheer joy to eat.


Ashcombe was one of the few good things to come out of the pandemic. In spring of 2020, with the local markets and hospitality industry closed down, David needed to do something with the milk from the farm. So he decided to create a firmer cheese that needs longer aging. And so, he came up with Ashcombe.

Based on a French Morbier, Ashcome is a large cheese with a line of wood ash running through it. It’s meaty and savoury on the rind with an almost smokey bacon quality to it. Whilst the paste has nutty, buttery flavours.


King Stone Dairy’s most recent edition to their incredible selection of cheeses. Yarlington is what happens when great people come together to make something beautiful. A collab between King Stone Dairy, Olivers Cider and Cellarman Sam.

Yarlington is washed first in brine, then in a brine and cider solution which gives a gorgeous sticky rind, and a complex, robust flavour.

A silky soft texture, with loads of umami running through it and that classic tang of cider hitting the palette on the finish.

You can find all of these cheeses on our Cheesemaker Showcase for the whole of December, as well as in our Grab ‘n’ Go Fridge, or on our online shop.

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