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The Trials and Tribulations of 2020

The Trials and Tribulations of 2020 I think we can all agree that as the clocks chimed at midnight between December 31st 2019 and January 1st 2020 and we pictured the year ahead (whilst muddling our way through Auld Lang Syne) nobody saw this coming. The first week of January in this trade is all about making plans for the year ahead, although trade is slow it’s a very exciting week as we look towards the future and what the next 12 months has in store. All of our tastings were in the diary,...

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Germany Day One

Anybody that knows me well can tell you how much I detest early mornings (it’s why I quite like Hospitality as a career), and therefore how difficult it was for me to get up before dawn to be at Heathrow Airport for 6am on a Monday Morning. So difficult that I woke up 20 minutes after I was supposed to leave the house. Luckily a very quick drive (not too quick Mum, don’t worry) down the M40 saw me meeting up with a bunch of fellow wine folk at 6.30am to get on a flight to Stuttgart. A matter...

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The DreamTeam goes to a Dairy

You may have guessed by now that we love a bit of cheese. I’m actually eating cheese as I write this. I have visited Vineyards around the world to look at wine production and taste the final product, so it seems only apt to do the same with the cheese. It was this thought that had me picking up the Dream Team 13 at 9am one Monday morning and leaving the jewellery quarter behind for a short time in exchange for the rolling green grasses of Worcester. After packing the team into my relatively...

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What Is Natural Wine?

Naturally delicious, or natural disaster? It seems that over the last few years the wine world has fallen further and further in love with “natural wine”. Sommeliers have been throwing it onto tasting flights, shippers have been plugging it everywhere, and winemakers can’t stop bragging about how “natural” their wine is. Which really leaves one question being asked… “What is natural wine?” Great question, and one a lot of people in the hospitality world are currently asking or being...

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